Designed for iPhone

AS Share Photo

Version: 1.30

Did you ever try to send photos on your iPhone to your friends? Did you think it's impossible? 
Now it's possible by using AS Share Photo.

AS Share Photo provides an easy way to allow you sending photos to other iPhones/iPod Touches. What you need is only a valid WiFi connection, no matter the connection is available to internet or not. That's all you need for sharing photos with your friends.

Also, AS Share Photo allows you to send photos to your desktop computers.

To complete the transfer, you need 3 steps:

a. Select photos you what to send to others or take a photo with camera;

b. To iPhone/iPod Touch, enter the destination device IP (iPhone or iPod touch will receive the photos, the IP can be found at the first screen of the application), then click "Send". The receiver can select "Receive" or "Reject" to deal with the photos.

c. To desktop computers, keep the screen and open web browser on you desktop computer, enter the URL shows at the bottom of the screen, following the manual guide to finish photo transfer. 

Easy?? That's all you need to do. Stop wasting time, try it now!