Doc & Help

Image Converter One

  • Download and Install/Uninstall
    Please download the setup exe file from our website or partner websites first. Then find the file you download, and double-click the setup file to install 

    Finish installation following the steps. If you do not do any extra work duiring the installation, there will be 3 ways to start the application
    1. Double-click the icon on desktop
    2. Find the Image Converter One icon from quick launch bar and click 
    3. Click "Start" button on the left-bottom, ind the Image Converter One icon group from Programs, click to launch program 

    Uninstall, to uninstall Image Converter One, please go to the "Start" menu and find the Image Conerter One group, click on "Uninstall" to finish uninstallation.

    If you download the ZIP package from our website, you need run Image Converter first and click "Help" button on the top-right of the window, and select "Install/Uninstall shortcut menu" to install Windows Explorer extension. This will enable you to process images from windows explorer.
  • Use Image Converter One
    There are two ways to run Image Converter One 
    1. Explorer Right-Click menu. After you install Image Converter One correctlly, you can right-clicking in windows explorer on images or folders contain images you want to process

    2. Start Image Converter One in general way ( Start Menu , Quick Launch Bar, Desktop)
    Click "Add Images" to select photo images you want to process
    Click "Add Forlder" to select a folder which contains photo images to be processed
    Click "Remove" to remove the files you selected( only remove from the process list, it does not affect the real file)
    Click "Clear" to remove all the files in process list
    Click "Process...", the function menu will appear
    "Resize" batch resizing photo images
    "Convert Format" convert photo images to different formats
    "Create Watermark" create watermars on photo images
    "Adjust Rotation" sometimes the photo position maybe not good, so we need adjust the position, this function will rotates every single image to correct position in batches