Resize gif animation images


Sometimes, we want to resize gif animation image files, but most of the existing image resizing softwares always output a static image which is the first frame of the animation. Fortunately, GiF Resizer gives you a easy choice to resize gif images without destroy animation information.

  • Download GiF Resizer
  • Run GiF Resizer and, choose the source gif image to be processed

  • resize gif animation

    GiF Resizer will show you the original width and height and frames as well.
  • Enter new width and height for output

  • Check "Keep Aspect" to keep the width and height aspect as original ones.
    Check "Good quality" to get better result image, but it will make the process a little slower.
  • Choose the new file path and name for output
  • Click "Resize" to finish the resizing process.