Doc & Help

GiF Resizer

  • Download and Install/Uninstall
    Please download the .exe or .zip file from our website or partner websites first. Then find the file you download, put the exe file or extract the zip (using compression applications like winrar or winzip or 7zip ) into some place on your hard disk, after all the steps above you just need to double-click the GifResizer.exe file to run it.

  • Use Image Converter One
    To uninstall GiF Resizer, just remove the file you downloaded or extracted from zip package.

  • Use GiF Resizer to resize image animated file.
    GiF Resizer Main

    A. Click this button to choose the animated gif image file you want to resize
    B. Click here to locate the new resized animated image file
    C. Change the 'Width' value of the new resized image file you want
    D. Change the 'Height' value of the new resized image file
    E. Keep the aspect ratio to original image file
    F. Check this option to generate best quality animated image file, this option will give you a less loss of the quality, but it will take a little longer time for the resizing process
    G. Click to run the resizing process.