;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ; Language file ; ; ';' for comment ; ; '|' for line change ; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; [language] title=English author= version=1.001 ;main window [1000] 1001=Add Image(s)... 1002=Add Folder... 1003=Remove 1004=Clear 1005=Process... 1006=Resize... 1007=Change Format... 1008=Create Watermark... 1009=Adjust Rotation... 1010=Help 1011=Install/Uninstall shortcut menu... 1012=Help Online 1013=About... ;file list 1014=File Name 1015=Resolution 1016=File Size 1017=Date 1018=Full Path 1019=Image Type 1020=Language ;batch rotate dialog [2000] 2001=Batch Rotate 2002=Apply these settings to all pictures 2003=Corrected Position 2004=Current Position 2005=90 CW 2006=180 CW 2007=90 CCW 2008=180 CCW 2009=Arbitary Angle 2010=Keep original size 2011=Background Color ;files [3000] 3001=Files to be processed ;output size dialog [4000] 4001=Output Format Options 4002=Output File Format 4003=Output Format 4004=Config... 4005=Interpolation Method 4006=Output Image Size 4007=Resize Images? 4008=Use color for blank area 4009=Width 4010=Height 4011=By Width 4012=By Height 4013=Keep Aspect Ratio ;gif,jpeg,png,tiff.. option dialog [5000] 5001=Jpeg Option 5002=GIF Option 5003=Png Option 5004=Tiff Option 5005=OK 5006=Cancel 5007=Codec Option ; jpeg 5011=Baseline (Defualt) 5012=Progressive 5013=Optimize 5014=Image Quality ;gif 5021=LZW(Default) 5022=None 5023=RLE ;png 5031=Not Interlace 5032=Interlace ;tiff 5041=Auto(Default) 5042=None 5043=RLE 5044=Fax 5045=Pack Bits 5046=JPEG 5047=LZW ;watermark dialog [6000] 6001=Watermark 6002=Text Option 6003=Use background color 6004=Opacity 6005=Shadow 6006=Color 6007=XOffset 6008=YOffset 6009=Use image(smaller than 200 x 200) 6010=Watermark image file 6011=Show sample image? ;new features 6012=Image Width 6013=Image Height 6014=Date 6015=Camera 6016=Model 6017=Aperture 6018=ISO 6019=Exposure Time 6020=Focal Length ;output dialog [7000] 7001=Output Option 7002=Overwrite original file 7003=Output Path: 7004=Browse... 7005=Output file name 7006=Use original file title as new file title,Example:example.jpg 7007=Use original file name as new file title, Example:example.bmp.jpg 7008=Generate sequence file name(s) 7009=Prefix 7010=digits 7011=Sample 7012=Notice:this option will overwrite original file(s), it can not be recovered!! 7013=The folder [ %s ] does not exist!||Do you want create it? ;overwrite prompt dialog [8000] 8001=Overwrite Options... 8002=The file [ %s ] already exists!||Do you want to overwrite it? 8003=Yes 8004=Yes for All 8005=Skip 8006=Skip for All ;misc strings [9000] 9001=Install successfully! 9002=Uninstall successfully! 9003=Resize Image(&Z)... 9004=Do you really want to remove all the images? 9005=Do you really want to remove selected image(s)?