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new version of Image Converter One is under development

From the first release of Image Converter One, as a free image converter and image resizer, the application has got more than 300000 downloads. First of all, thank you for using the software. I've received a lot emails from users, most of them are waiting for  a new version with more powerful and convenient functions. But, because I'm a little busy with my work, so there was not so much time to focus on new version development. Fortunately, I'm getting time recently, and start working on the new version of the application. 

In the new version of Image Converter One, there will be a lot of new features. First, the user interface will be improved, the only purpose is to make it more convenient to use. And, I plan to put some frequently used buttons such as "Resize Image", "Create Thumbnail", "Watermark" on the main window. Besides the UI section, there will be some functional features added or improved. new feature includes:

  • Support more formats.
  • Adding multiple watermark once.
  • Resize photo and images depends on percentage of image sizes.

Ideally, these are the major updates for the coming new version. Final release maybe difference than the blueprint, but I think it must be more powerful.Laughing

BTW, if you have any great idea about Image Converter One, please tell me, appreciate for any helps.