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Great tool to transfer files between iPad, iPhone and PC computer

Transferring files from iPad, iPhone or iPod Touches to PC computers always be tough, because Apple has restrictive limitation. Fortunately, there is great tool currently to allow me doing the transferring stuff very easily. You can get the great iphone file browser from http://www.ipadfileexplorer.com

This software can run on Windows XP sp4,, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and other versions of windows with .NET framework 2.0 installed. additionally, this application also needs  iTunes 8 or above installed on your computer. After having all the stuffs done,  you can enjoy the great tool to copy folders and files between iPad, iPhone devices and PC computer. The operations are very easy and similar as using windows explorer.   

With this application I can use my iPad as a flash disk to share files from different environments. I don't need to take additional USB flash disk from office to home any more.  Anyway, I like the app.