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Great assitant helps you to manage documents and applications

I think everyone has experience like me, when you want to use some Word, Excel office document files or applications, but you can't remember where the files put. To me, this situation is a nightmare to look through the whole hard disks. I know that I need a good documentation manager to help me handling this. I've tried to use windows bookmark functionality, which is changed to "Libraries" in Vista and Win7. But you must copy all the documents or files into the "Libraries" folder, that's not convenient.

Fortunately, Easy DocManager meets my requirements. It's easy but powerful. I can handle to manage most of my office documents, most used files and frequently used applications. My situation is, I need lots of different technology manual book like PHP, CSS, Ajax, C++ etc. during my work time. But I can't open them all at the same time, that will occupy all of my task bar space. So, I create a new category in Easy DocManager, and put all of these reference book into the category, when I need some of them, just wake up the application and open the book within the application.

Easy DocManager

Also, the software can manager applications like a quick program launcher. I have a lot of small utilities on my computer, I don't need to do so many steps to find some application and run it after having Easy DocManager, because I can run any of them within Easy DocManager very easily.

Easy DocManager

If you have same trouble as mine, please try Easy DocManager, it will save your so much time. You can find more information for http://www.easydocman.com